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Competitive Soccer

Premier Level Competitive Soccer for Boys and Girls U8-U19

IFC competitive soccer program offers teams in every age group from U8 through U19 for those who are interested in a higher level of play. These teams are coached by a highly qualified international coaching staff that train and develop youth soccer players with the objective of having them ultimately qualify for College and play professionally. Competitive coaching focuses on skill development in the early years and tactical abilities in the later years. And while winning is always our coaches’ game objective, technical, athletic and tactical development of our players is our PRIMARY focus.


Our goal is to develop each player and to ensure each player improves from year to year. Each age group has several teams allowing a player to grow and progress to higher levels within the same club. Equal development opportunities are provided to every player on every team regardless of talent or experience.

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IFC has introduced an improved Future Stars program. For 9 months of the year, IFC provides recreational and educational sessions based on the fundamentals of soccer, just like in Europe, to enhance the natural development of players in a premium environment.

This program focuses on developing players’ long-term motricity, technique and confidence.

Every player is trained by IFC Technical Team and is prepared to get into a competitive team.

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IFC has designed the perfect program to develop talented soccer players from 9 to 19 years old.

IFC provides competitive and educational training sessions based on European world class soccer to enhance the natural development of players. The program focuses on developing players long-term technical and tactical skills, strength, and confidence. We deliver an understanding of the game and transmit soccer values such as fair play, commitment, and team spirit.

Every participant must undergo the tryout process to be eligible to get into an IFC competitive/travel soccer team.

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IFC offers a specialized goalkeeper program, which provides cutting edge training sessions from a dedicated and highly experienced technical team for all goalkeepers from U8 to U19.

Our IFC staff is comprised of experienced, professional soccer goalkeeper coaches that are dedicated exclusively to GK training, using their vast knowledge of the game and personal playing experience.


Our mission: to provide high-level training opportunities to all goalkeepers while developing the technical, tactical, and psychological components necessary to succeed in today’s game.

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Fall School of Excellence

Ages 4-9. 

IFC Fall School of Excellence is designed to teach and enhance the technical skills required to develop and grow as a complete soccer player. There will be 30 Minutes of technical training and 30 minutes of game play.


The program will run twice weekly from October to December. This program will be staffed by IFC Coaches, High School Coaches and College Players.

Dates: TBD

Cost: TBD

Location & Times: TBD

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 Elite Fall School of Excellence

Ages 10-14

IFC Elite Fall School of Excellence is designed to raise the level of your technical and tactical  skills required to develop and grow as a complete soccer player. The Elite SOE will be coached and trained at a higher level than the SOE There will be 45-60 Minutes of technical training and 30 minutes of game play.


The program will run twice weekly from October to December. This program will be staffed by IFC and High School Coaches.

Dates: October 28th to December 21st

Cost: TBD

Location & Times: TBD

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Winter School of Excellence and Elite SOE

Ages 6-14

IFC Winter School of Excellence is designed to teach and enhance the technical skills required to develop and grow as a complete soccer player. There will be 30-45 Minutes of technical training and 30-45 minutes of game play.


The program will run twice weekly from October to December. This program will be staffed by IFC and High School Coaches.

Dates: TBD

Cost: TBD

Location & Times: TBD

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Elite winter School of Excellence

Ages 12 – 16

IFC  Elite Winter School of Excellence is designed to raise the level of your technical and tactical  skills required to develop and grow as a complete soccer player. The Elite SOE will be coached and trained at a higher level than the SOE There will be 45-60 Minutes of technical training and 30 minutes of game play.


The program will run twice weekly from October to December. This program will be staffed by IFC and High School Coaches.

Dates: TBD

Cost: TBD

Location & Times: TBD

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About the Summer Day Camps

Our summer Soccer Day Camp training program has been created by professional educators who are dedicated to the highest quality of sports instruction for youngsters. Our group leaders are trained to deal with the particular needs of school-age boys and girls.

We stress enjoyment and improvement. Teams are frequently changed to ensure maximum challenge and the highest quality of play. Success of individuals and teams who have attended our camps is proof that our system works. Teams have gone on to win state and regional championships, and many domestic and international tournaments, and individual players have played on the Collegiate and US National Team at every age group and level. We offer two level of play that range from the beginner to the elite.


“Zaki and John have coached my both of my sons and did a great job with them!”


Beginner to Intermediate Program

For fun and Skills join our expert adult teaching staff this summer. We have had over thirty years of experience teaching soccer skills through age appropriate children’s games that train kids while they are having a blast! We also have indoor activities, a game room, AV room, arts and crafts, and a pool (depends on camp location) for hot summer days. For boys and girls ages 6-19.


Elite Program

Our camp is the most advanced, challenging and competitive environment in the DC metro area. We welcome all players and guarantee improvement. Our camp philosophy is simple. We build a solid technical foundation and then challenge players with advanced tactics. To continue the challenge, we introduce team tactics that will be put to the test during matches.

Players are challenged every minute on the field. Our program can help you reach your potential. Camp Directors will be involved in every aspect of camp to insure that our philosophy is upheld.


Team Program

Teams of 8–22 players (8 field players minimum plus goalkeepers) can train together as a group. Teams are eligible for a $15 per player group rate discount. Personalized team curriculums can be worked out.

  • To register your team online: Please have a team contact reach out directly to IFC at to receive a discount code to identify your group. Campers may then register individually through the website at their convenience and apply the coupon code during check-out.

*Please note, this information is subject to change.


“My husband and I were very favorably impressed with how GIYS has structured the class and handle these youngest of soccer players. We especially appreciate the encouragement that my daughter (who’s in her own world some of the time!) got from the coaches and assistants.”


What to Bring:

Preparedness makes for a better overall camp experience. Campers should be physically ready for the demands of training all day, which means well rested and fit, mentally and emotionally.

  • Turf Shoes or Soccer Cleats (make sure they are broken-in, otherwise you will get blisters!)
  • Running shoes or sneakers
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Ball
  • Change of T-shirts, shorts, & socks
  • Large Water Bottle
  • Lunch and sports drinks



2020 DATES

June 14 – June 18

June 21 – June 25

June 28 – July 2

July 5- July 9

July 12 – July 16

July 19 – July 23

July 26 – July 30

August 2 – August 6

August 9 – August 13



Check-in: Monday at 8:45 AM

Daily Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM-3PM

Meals: Lunch is not provided. Please bring a packed lunch.



9:00AM: Introduce Topic
9:10AM: Warm-up
9:35AM: Principle Specific Training
10:35AM: Break
10:50 AM: Finish Principle (Expanded Activity/Game-Like Scenario)
12:00 PM: Lunch & Rest
1:00 PM: Tactical Session
2:00 PM: Small Sided Games

2:55 PM: Clean-up
3:00 PM: Player Pick up



Transportation is not provided by the camp.


Dates & Costs subject to change

Summer International Travel Package

For U12 – U18 players. Placement is on a first come, first served basis.

We are the only camp that collects and trains eclectic groups of players, boys and girls, from many clubs and schools in the Metro Area. Players should love the sport and play at the travel through the elite level. We offer 3 weeks of camp in the DMV area, to prepare & train to play in some of the best International Youth Tournaments where we will face players who live and breathe soccer. Since 1987 we have traveled to North and Central America, Europe, and North Africa, 38 different countries to give our area’s players adventures never to be forgotten.


Included in the cost:

* 3 weeks of soccer camp: June 3rd to June 25th (excluding weekends)

* 10 Days: June 27th to July 7th

* Round trip airfare from Washington, DC area airport

* Airport transfer

* Local guide

* All tips & gratuities

* Lodging

* Meals

* Transportation

* Entry fees to entertainment

* Entry fees to amusement parks

* Entrees fees to museums

* Entry fees to the tournament

* Participation Diploma

* The Costa Blanca Cup Card ( Only in Costa Blanca)

* Entrance to the Finals, events and ceremonies

* Fees for the friendly matches & training.

* Coaching by Professional coaches

* 24 hour supervision by our full time educators

* Uniforms


What’s not included:

  • Spending money
  • Drinks
  • Visas ( non US citizens)


To reserve a place for your child, please make a $500 deposit immediately. Space is limited, apply now.

Payment Schedule


$2000.00 due by February 15, 2021


Remaining $2000.00 due by May 15, 2021


(Call your tax consultant about child-care deductions.)


Family Vacation

We can help parents and siblings arrange parallel vacations that are exciting, eventful, economical, and memorable.

Dates & Costs subject to change


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IFC has created a special opportunity for soccer aficionados—or “futbolistas” as they say in Spain—by designing a unique combination of a youth soccer camp, Spanish classes and excursions to some of the most beautiful sights in this amazing country.


IFC Immersion Program is based at Futbol Club Barcelona, a professional Division 1 team in La LIGA, located in Barcelona. Led by FCB, a professional Spanish soccer coach, the camp offers participants the chance to see how European soccer players prepare and train. The camp focuses on improving players soccer skills in a fun but challenging environment.



IFC welcomes boys and girls, of all ability and skill levels. The average age of our campers is 11–19 years old.



In the morning session students will focus on training, drills and game play, allowing players to learn the unique aspects of the Latin and European fútbol game.

In the afternoon, students practice in small groups and one-on-one with a Coach from FC Barcelona, a first division professional team in La LIGA.

A typical day involves warm-ups; a brief discussion of the skill the coach and players will focus on that day, and then one-on-one instruction as well as group practice. Then the players split into teams and scrimmage; matches against outside opposition will be organized, as well. At the end of practice, the Coach and the players cool down and discuss the high and low points of the match, and what needs improvement. The players practice for 6–8 hours per day.


Spanish Language Immersion Program

The Spanish language programs offered by IFC are designed to enable you to speak Spanish as rapidly as possible. At our various Spanish language schools, you will have the opportunity to choose from small classes, individual instruction, or a combination of both options.


In the classroom, teaching techniques will focus on the communicative approach to learning Spanish. From day one you will begin working on improving your conversational skills. Generally speaking, the process for novices begins by covering basic topics such as who you are, where do you live, etc. As students become more proficient in Spanish, topics may range from sports to politics. As you explore new topics, you will find yourself quickly learning how to effectively use the newly acquired vocabulary and grammar.


Language Immersion

Why are immersion programs the most effective way for individuals to learn Spanish?

With a Spanish language immersion program, learning does not stop when you leave the classroom or the field. Since you are living in a country where Spanish is the first language, you will have to utilize what you learned in class as you explore the city sights.

Though challenging at first an immersion experience forces you to use what you are learning in class to better communicate with the citizens of the country.


Why does your Spanish increase at such a rapid rate?

Since Spanish is the national language, the repeated practice in an authentic environment provides built in practical ways to use the language. The immersive quality of living in a city where English is not dominantly used, forces students to use what they are learning in a classroom as they traverse the city.


Experience Barcelona

Barcelona, in the northeast of Spain, is situated on the Mediterranean Coast with mountains on one side and the oceans on the other. A city of 2 million, Barcelona is bursting with art, culture and historic monuments. Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan and economically most active Spanish city.


Program Highlights

IFC Cultural Camps & Linguistic Summer Programs combine formal classroom instruction with a very varied list of cultural and leisure activities which introduce the students to Spanish culture, history, lifestyles.

Enjoy exciting field trips, excursions, and cultural events while living with a Spanish family.


Weekly Schedule in Barcelona with IFC:


BreakfastWith Host Family
10:00- 2:00Students are in classes
2:00Lunch and Free Time
3:30-4:00Daily afternoon activities start
8:00Return to Home- Usually families have dinner at 8:30 pm so students will be home in time for the family dinner

Spanish families do not allow their children to go out during the night without an adult, until they are 18. Families expect that students follow this rule. On weekends, usually on Saturday, the group enjoys supervised trips to different locations in La Costa Brava, Tarragona, etc. Please, see “Barcelona: Excursions” information. Teachers will chaperone the trip and families provide a picnic lunch.   On Sundays students stay with their host families and spend the day with them. 

 Starting Dates for School Programs

Spanish classes and Cultural activities start on Mondays, each week during June and July. We recommend students arrive in Barcelona 2 days before starting their lessons or activities

Accommodations for Students in Barcelona

Students participating in the language immersion program will participate in a residential homestay. Students will live with local families in their homes. All families are carefully screened and selected. IFC will use the information that students provide on their accommodation form to place students with local families. Each student will have a clean private room and will be provided breakfast, dinner and picnic lunches for weekend excursions. In certain situations, we can attempt to have more than one student per family.


Spanish language immersion programs which include homestays provide effective means elates to the fact that you have the opportunity to live with a host family (some locations offer apartment and/or other options as well). All host families (and any other accommodation option available) are located, approved and overseen by each respective language school.


When staying with a host family, you will have the chance to practice the Spanish you learned in class in a natural family setting. Because of their interest in your progress, you will find that staying with a host family is a non-threatening environment where you can practice and improve you Spanish. As your relationship with the family grows, your motivation to learn Spanish will increase.


Another great benefit of staying with a host family relates to the fact that in many cases, you will find yourself participating in family activities and you also will learn about the local traditions and the culture.



Emergency medical and ordinary insurance coverage is provided by the program; parents may elect to purchase supplemental coverage on their own. The health care system in Barcelona is excellent.


Spanish Courses

Spanish language classes will take place Monday through Friday for four hours in the morning. Groups will be a maximum of 7–12 students. There are different groups of students attending their level of Spanish. Our classes emphasize the development of communicative competence, including listening, reading, speaking and writing.


Elementary Spanish I

Elementary Spanish II

Intermediate Spanish I

Intermediate Spanish II

Advanced Spanish level

Spanish Culture



Cost of Cultural Camp; Linguistic Programs in Barcelona:


10 days: TBD

2 weeks: TBD

3 weeks: TBD

4 weeks: TBD

Price does not include air ticket and all other items not listed here.

Dates & Costs subject to change


We also offer international summer camps in Spain (F.C. Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, Real Madrid, Athletico Bilbao, Valencia), Italy (A.C. Milan), England (Manchester United, Chelsea F.C., Arsenal), and Portugal (F.C. Porto). Contact us for more information about these opportunities at

Our program is designed to focus on particular skills and individual players. It is excellent for both beginners and advanced players of all ages. Designed to maximize learning, particularly where specific player weaknesses are apparent, these sessions are also excellent for coaching player positions. (Defense, midfield, striking and goalkeeping) 

A professional coach will identify areas of growth and customize 1 to1 programs based on those specific needs. You will work in a fun self-paced environment. We will concentrate on technique, skills, fitness and conditioning.


For more information or to sign up please contact:

Starliners Men & U23 Team.

International Futbol Club (IFC) is proud to announce that our Starliners Men’s PRO team is the 2019/2020 WPL Champions. Starliners team was founded in 1982 by ex Pro and College players from the DMV area. The team plays in the WPL and trains twice weekly at Washington Adventist University. Starliners are coached by Zaki ex starliner player and IFC Technichal Director who has extensive professional experience coaching professionals overseas as well as academy players.

for Tryouts or more info please contact: